Premier Credit Card

The Premier Credit Card is really not a recommended first choice for anyone just because it has probably the largest APR around. However, if you are in a situation where you have no credit or really bad credit, then it could be very well understand that you may apply for the Premier Credit Card. Most people who have applied for the Premier Credit Card have done so because they have really bad credit and just really aren't able to get approved any place else at all. What's really bad about that kind of situation is that it seems that the credit card industry seems to create these huge APR predators. Then, these predators with their super huge APR's are then able to more easily take advantage of those who have no credit established or bad credit needing to repair it.

Speaking of taking advantage of people, they even pass along their processing fees to the consumer who gets approved for their cards. On top of that, they are only usually given on average a $300 credit limit which the processing fees become automatically charged upon approval in order to activate the card. There are so many fees on top of fees with the Premier Credit Card that it's very easy to see how people have been so annoyed by having it. However, if you have such bad credit, there just don't seem to really be many options. There are other cards out there that claim to be for people who are for people to rebuild their credit, but then they usually don't approve people who actually do have bad credit. Does that make any sense at all?


Here's the deal with all of the complaints about the Premier Credit Card. There are no doubt a ton of complaints that can be found regarding the Premier Credit Card online. The thing you should notice with the complaints is that if you have read the terms and conditions of the Premier Credit Card they really do tell you everything upfront. Yes, the fees are ridiculous, but if you are a person who reads everything you apply for, all of the information is provided for you before you apply. Far too many people are applying for the Premier Credit Card or accepting the card without reading first. Then, they expect that they can just put the card away on a shelf until they need it possibly months later. For anyone who is getting this card for rebuilding their credit, to get approved and then put the card away and not think about it doesn't make much sense either.

We won't go on and on about the complaints because in the end for those who read their contracts before applying for things you will already be prepared to start making payments right away once you are approved. For the price you will pay just to have them reporting your payment information to the three credit bureaus, it should be completely worth it. As the payments for your Premier Credit Card are reported to the three major bureaus, you will begin to notice your credit rating to begin to soar as well. When you have the Premier Credit Card, don't focus on trying to have a balance to use to charge things every month. Instead, focus on the fact that if you pay your balance in full every month on time, you will quickly reach a place where you will no longer need their card because you will have much better deals knocking on your door finally.